Support services

General Assessment

Sometimes adults or children need assessments to understand the presenting symptoms. The process is varied depending on the symptoms and history, but it usually ranges between 3 to 6 sessions. Once a diagnosis or understanding of the presenting symptoms is reached, the client can then decide if they want treatment and on a course of treatment.

Behavioral and Emotional Concerns in Children/ Parenting Support

I specialize in working with children who have behavioral or emotional problems and working with parents to provide a healthy parenting style to these children in order to create healthy parent-child relationships and promote change. I provide a safe, child-friendly, and nurturing environment so that every child can feel free to express themselves behaviorally or verbally without judgment. I teach children coping skills through play, art, and verbally to help improve whatever symptoms they are experiencing.

I work with parents alongside children in helping parents understand the function of the child’s behavior. Once parents have a better understanding of why the child is exhibiting a certain behavior, then a behavior support plan is created with the parent to promote positive change in the child and parent.

I have been able to utilize my experience as a school counselor and role as advocate in my current private practice. I frequently help parents whose children may have a mental health disorder (such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, sensory-integration disorder, etc.) or behavioral/emotional difficulties navigate the school system in order to advocate that the child obtain the modifications they are entitled to within the classroom.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Children and Adults

Anxiety Disorders are a cluster of disorders that have to do with heightened fears and emotional dysregulation. Some examples are Generalized Anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Phobias. I use psycho-education to help the patient understand the physiological and biological factors behind the anxiety. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Biofeedback, and EMDR are the appropriate treatment modalities to treat anxiety disorders. A comprehensive treatment plan will be determined in therapy depending on the diagnosis and symptom presentation.

The goal in therapy is to not only gain relief from the distress of the anxiety but also to learn how to manage potential future distress.

Trauma Recovery

I am an EMDR specialist. EMDR is the leading and most effective treatment for PTSD and trauma symptoms. I treat both children and adults who are experiencing traumatic symptoms such as nightmares, fears, recurring memories of the trauma, avoidance behavior, hypervigilance, and dissociation.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be extremely powerful in many ways. I help families to examine how they communicate and determine what in their family is working and what needs improvement. Is communication verbalized or unspoken in your family? How are communication patterns established in your family and are they easily changed? I work with families to provide the atmosphere for insight and change regarding family dynamics.

Reunification and Co-Parenting Counseling

I have completed the Sonoma County Mentorship Program, a two year continuing education program designed to give a foundation for court involved therapist to work with Sonoma County Family Court Services. I provide reunification therapy for children who are court ordered to meet with a parent with whom they have been estranged. I provide updates to Family Court Services or the courts if requested through court orders with proper parental and patient consent. I also work with separated or divorced parents to create a parenting plan for the child involved. This process involves educating parents on the cognitive and behavioral developmental milestones of the child to determine what is in the best interest of the child.

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